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Looping music is a technique that incorporates sampling of different instruments, that when added together, create an audible illusion of multiple people playing at once. I started looping right after high school with one loop pedal that allowed me to record my first CD. I quickly found that I needed more variation in order to execute multiple chord variations in each song. Without variation, the single loop sample would quickly become annoying from it's redundancy. I bought an additional loop pedal, and facing the same problem as before, purchased a third. I now use three loop stations that allow me to manipulate different chord variations in one song: verse, chorus, bridge, etc. I use a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, guitar synthesizer, beatbox, mandolin, and miscellaneous auxiliary percussion instruments. The combination keeps a crowd interested and interactive with how a song is created layer by layer. Once the build-up process is complete, the audience enjoys the result of the final product. All sounds are organic and nothing is prerecorded. 

I have played at many different types of events since the beginning of my entertainment career: house parties, holiday parties, country clubs, bars, wineries, weddings, assisted living homes, college functions, bachelor parties, street and music festivals. I have developed close relationships with the people I play for and most businesses request to have me back as they noticed their sales increased as a result of my crowd pleasing tunes. If you are a business and interested in booking a show and would like references, please call and I will furnish them upon request. 

Just as life evolves and changes, so has my tastes in music. Because of this, I have developed an extensive variety of music in my repertoire. My music selection has been enjoyed by many crowds of all ages and backgrounds. I continue to push myself to learn more every day and become more proficient in my skill as a a guitarist, vocalist, and most importantly, entertainer.


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